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01 Our Products


Flecks Systems
An industry-leading product for its water-porous safety, durability, and aesthetics. 

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A water-porous surface with real stone beauty. 

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Life Floor
A tile-based solution for outdoor and indoor applications. 

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02 About Us

12 Years of Experience
With recognition as one of the world's top installers of Poured-In-Place surfaces, we are frequently called for installations and consultations around the country and globe.
Certified Professionals
We are manufacturer-certified as installers of all of our offered products.
We Work with you
From cruise ships to condo balconies, no job is too big or too small.

Jim and Jason Ficklin,

03 Testimonials

“ I have only the best things to say about this company and their products. My friend had the Water Flecks installed a few years ago and it still was holding up well, so I reached out to Jason at Superior Surfacing for my own cracked and problematic pool patio. The cracks were covered without any demo needed, and I feel so much better that the grandkids can play on this safer surface! Great product, very professional install crew, and it only took two days for an entirely transformed pool deck. ”
Dawn G., FL
“ One of the best solutions I have seen for boat decks. I was surprised to see that on top of the UV stable colors and non-slip factor, [WaterFlecks] is also antimicrobial. Definitely a product I can see saving me a lot of extra hassle and cost in the long run. The installers were professional and could accommodate my tight deadline. ”
Damien S., FL

04 Applications

05 Ask Us

Frequent Questions

Where do you operate?

We serve the country and globe for installations and consultations.


What's your customer satisfaction guarantee?

Each product comes with a comprehesive manufacturer's warranty, and we have our own Installer's Guarantee as well.

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