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Hotels & Resorts

We deliver solutions that increase the beauty and safety of your commercial space, while supporting smart budget decisions for both your company's present and future. For commercial properties, you need products which are:

Our products are installed in some of the most highly-trafficked areas of the world's largest amusement parks. We stand behind our durability promise -- which includes a Five Year Manufacturer Warranty for both Flecks Systems and Life Floor.
In outdoor spaces, UV stability is key for durability. Unlike rubber surfaces which look similar at first but quickly degrade, our Life Floor and Flecks Systems are made of high-quality UV-stable polyurethane. Even in the brightest sunlight, these surfaces maintain 90% of their color after 10 years. This means that you can get spot repairs to your product if needed without fully replacing your entire surface, saving you money.
Cost-Effective and Safe
Oftentimes, customers are first attracted to our products for safety and liability factors. Our non-slip products can greatly reduce the chance of a slip-and-fall and the costly litigation associated with these accidents. And if you do have a slip-and-fall, our products are impact-absorbing for lower injury risk.
Rennovating? Avoid costly and time-consuming demolition. Our products can be installed directly over many existing surfaces, including cracked concrete and wood.
We offer endless design possiblities, including logos and patterns. Poured-in-place Flecks Systems can be color mixed for a custom blend, and tile-based Life Floor can be cut for interesting gemetric elements.
By the pool or patio, our thermoplastic surfaces ensure your guests will enjoy walking barefoot on a cool-to-the-touch surface.
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