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The Installation Process
Our Life Floor Systems install like traditional tile, but Flecks Systems and PebbleStone are Poured-In-Place (PIP) surfaces. Watch our videos and read below to learn more about the unique PIP process.
Our PIP products can be installed directly over most surfaces. We prep your existing surface with solvents, glues, and primer, based on the need of your exact situation. We correct most drainage issues before laying our product and then install our seamless surface over the top.
Laying the Material
If you have elected for designs or borders, we place foam molds to form the design. We then mix the granule on-site with the binder and trowel it into place with either our power trowel or hand troweling.
We're perfectionists, so we look over the entire swath of your new surface. If there are imperfections, we resurface them for a seamless finish.
If you have decided on a sealant layer, we finish with this step. The final product takes 1-2 days (initial cure) and 2-4 days (full cure) depending on weather.
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