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Splashpads need colorful areas that encourage play, and surfaces which are impact-resistant for the inevitable tumbles that come with play. Our WaterFlecks and PlayFlecks systems comply with federal standards in impact resistance for kids' waterplay areas. We've seen the rise of splashpads as a safer alternative to kiddie pools, and splashpads have the added benefit of endless customization and design. Additionally, with the water-pourous qualities in the Flecks Systems, we can entirely cover your water intake systems for a seamless finish.

We can install just the play surface for you, or we can align you with the full package of splashpad offerings with our partner organizations.

Recommended Products for Splashpads
WaterFlecks, PlayFlecks. Both products are up-to-standard for federal impact regulations on kids' waterplay areas. PlayFlecks offers additional impact resistance far beyond the federal standards.
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