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Play Flecks

About Play Flecks


Play Flecks is the most advanced rubberized playground surface available on the market today. As a thermoplastic, Play Flecks is UV-stable -- unlike EPDM. This UV stability greatly increases the life of your surface, as well as its fall-height standards and color. PlayFlecks is your solution to a beautiful play area which will protect both users and property owners for years to come.

Underneath the wear layer, you will find the patented EnviroFluff cushion. Made of recycled polypropelyne, EnviroFluff is avaiable in several thicknesses tested up to nine feet of impact absorbtion. PlayFlecks meets and exceeds all Impact Attenuation Standards set by ASTM for kids' play areas when installed over EnviroFluff. EnviroFluff is so effective in impact absorbtion that it is used as a stand-alone product underneath artificial turf, EPDM, and other sports areas.

Tech Details

Play Flecks consists of two layers, a wear layer and a cushion layer. The top wear layer consists of a polyurethane primer, thermoplastic rubber granular, and two-component aliphatic polyurethane binder. The EnviroFluff cushion layer is made from recycled foam and aromatic binder. Play Flecks can be installed over concrete, wood, asphalt, stone, metal, crushed stone, crushed stone aggregate, and fiberglass. You can find pdfs of our full Tech Specs and comparison charts with the links below.

Play Flecks General Specifications

Standard Coefficient of Friction

Play Flecks versus Ethylene Propylene Surfaces

Play Flecks versus Loose Fill




Play Flecks is perfect for children’s play areas such as playgrounds, in addition to fitness centers and any impact area.

When EnviroFluff is mixed with an aliphatic binder, it can be used for cushioned waterplay -- the only system which can do so.

Our colors (see swatches below on this page) can be mixed for custom blends, and we can accommodate a vast array of design and decal options. If you are unsure of your design/color preferences, we can create concepts in-house for your review. See our project gallery page for inspiration.


Recommended maintenance is cleaning and light repair every 2-3 years depending on use.


Play Flecks has a Five Year Manufacturer's Warranty under normal use. In addition, Play Flecks offers the industry's only Five-Year Fall Height Test Guarantee, meaning that your product will meet all impact attenuation standards set by the ASTM for kids' play areas for five years.

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