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Life Floor

About Life Floor


Flecks® Systems are a breakthrough innovation in surfacing, with numerable outdoor and indoor applications including patios, walkways, water play, boat decks, and more. Its water porous qualities are particularly beneficial, eliminating standing water for a safer surface. WaterFlecks features chlorine resistance, antimicrobial additives, and color fade resistance, making it the ideal product for water play and outdoor environments.

Tech Details

The WaterFlecks product includes a polyurethane primer, thermoplastic rubber granular, and two-component aliphatic polyurethane binder. WaterFlecks can be installed over concrete, wood, asphalt, stone, metal, crushed stone, crushed stone aggregate, and fiberglass.


Patios and pool decks, stadiums, entryways, walkways, stairs, splashpads, lanais, driveways, and more.



$15.75/sq foot
Extra charges for expedited service, high-ratio color mixing, various coatings, and coupling.

Color & Design

Our color swatches are viewable at the bottom of this page, and you can view the manufacturer’s extensive design catalog here. Envisioning something else? We can create concepts in-house for your review.


Recommended maintenance is cleaning and light repair every 2-3 years depending on use.


This is where we talk about our warranty.

About the Manufacturer

This is where we talk about the manufacturer if we would like to do so.


Life Floor Colors