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About Resilia


After our fifteen years of experience in the rubberized flooring industry, we have found the Resilia rubberized flooring to have unbeatable performance for decks and patios. As a highly UV-resistant system, it resists color fade as well as material degradation, making it one of the lowest-maintenance surfaces available on the market. Because it is a resilient, flexible system, it will stretch long before showing any signs of cracks, meaning that your concrete foundation can continue to move and cracks won't show through your Resilia surface. It is a troweled-in-place surface, not a tile, carpet, or paint. Resilia is chlorine-resistant. Resilia is our most "people-friendly surface" because it truly accommodates your lifestyle; a cool-to-the-touch, cushioned, comfortable experience for you and your guests. As an impact-absorbing system, glasses and plates will more likely bounce rather than break on this surface. Injury risks from slip-and-falls are greatly reduced.


Highly durable: Resilia features a strong chemical bond, resulting in high durability, which makes it a favorite choice for even the world's busiest resorts.

Low-maintenance:  Because of its UV stability, Resilia is the lowest-maintenance surface on the market. Resilia does not need routine maintenance or seals -- we call it our "set it and forget it" surface. Cleanings can be done with a powerwasher, pressurized hose nozzle, or rotating scrubber heads.

Virtually crack-proof:  As a resilient surface, Resilia can stretch. This greatly reduces risk of cracking.

Beautiful:  Resilia is a high-end look that can be installed seamlessly to fit the custom size of your project.

Chlorine resistant:  Unlike most soft surfaces, Resilia can withstand chlorine splashes from the pool and can be bleached for cleaning.

Safe:  Non-slip and impact absorbing, greatly reducing chance of injury. 

People-friendly:  Cool-to-the-touch and with a slight "give" underfoot, Resilia is extremely comfortable to walk upon.

Easily repaired:  The product's granule features a "close knit" -- making spot repairs virtually unnoticeable. 

Water-porous or waterproof:  As a water-porous system, Resilia can be installed overtop of drains without interrupting water flow, giving you a seamless installation that hides unsightly drains. Resilia can be grouted for a waterproof installation instead, for interior applications.


Lanais, pool decks, patios, entryways, stairs, pathways, stadiums, cruise ships, and more.

Tech Details

Resilia is installed at a 3/8-inch thickness. Resilia can be installed over concrete, wood, asphalt, stone, metal, crushed stone, crushed stone aggregate, and fiberglass. The product includes a polyurethane primer, rubber granular, and single-component aliphatic polyurethane binder.

Color & Design

Our colors (see swatches below on this page) can be mixed for custom blends, and we can accommodate a vast array of design and inlay options. See our project gallery page for inspiration.

Maintenance & Care

Your Resilia surface can be cleaned with a high pressure power washer of 3,000 psi or less. For mold or mildew, use a 50% bleach/water solution, scrub, and allow to penetrate for five to twenty minutes, and thoroughly rinse. Surface dirt can be removed with a household degreaser such as Simple Green.

The surface is difficult to stain, but oil will stain it. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out any spilled oil. Please take care to keep potted plants in elevated containers, as the combination of organic material, water, and covered surface tends to create a haven for mld or mildew and can stain the surface over time.

Hard water will leave water marks on everything it comes into contact with, including:  stucco, cement, windows, painted surface, and decorative stones. We strongly recommend that your sprinklers be directed away from your surface so that no water sprays on the surface. Rain water has no negative effect on Resilia. Water stains can be removed with white household vinegar. Wet the surface, mist with straight vinegar, and hose off. Repeat as needed. 


Deck Flecks is warranted for five years against bond failure, cracking, and delamination.

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