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Indoor Flooring System in Florida

For your commercial property, we deliver solutions that increase the beauty and safety of your space, and support your smart budget decisions for both your company's present and future. Our vast experience with large commercial builds includes resorts, ballparks, bridges, municipalities, and international charter schools.

Our 'No Standing Water' surfaces are highly popular for commercial applications as they greatly reduce your liability in slip-and-fall accidents. These water-porous surfaces are the Flecks Systems and PebbleStone.

Life Floor is a slip-resistant surface which is also highly suitable for outdoor applications, but as it is not water porous, it is also a suitable choice for bathrooms, locker rooms, and spas.

Our designs can be heavily customized, and many clients opt for different colors/designs to highlight walkways or cautionary features to warn of steps or level change.

For renovations, our systems are often much less expensive than other alternatives -- we can install over virtually any existing surface. For new builds, we are still a sound budget choice due to our 'No Standing Water' qualities which greatly reduce your accident liability.

One clear difference between commercial and residential projects is traffic -- and our floors hold up to this extra wear.

Recommended Products for Commercial Use
WaterFlecks, PlayFlecks, PebbleStone, and LifeFloor.
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