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Superior Stone

About Superior Stone


Superior Stone is a natural stone overlay with an epoxy binder. The epoxy offers a slight sheen while it binds the small pebbles for a seamless finish across the custom size of your deck. With its natural look, Superior Stone enhances outdoor landscaping. Superior Stone can be installed over cracks and surface imperfections, hand-leveled for a smooth finish, usually without any costly demolition. It is a troweled-in-place surface, not a tile, carpet, or paint. Superior Stone is water-porous, so we can install overtop of your drains without interrupting water flow -- giving you a high-end, seamless finish without visible drains. We install aluminum expansion joints over the expansion joints in your concrete substrate, so that the stone overlay will move with your existing concrete and avoid future cracks. 


Highly durable: Superior Stone is glued with advanced two-part epoxies, giving you a long-lasting natural stone surface.

Low-maintenance:  Superior Stone can be installed with our new lightstable epoxy, for the longest resealing interval in the epoxy rock industry. Cleanings can be done with a powerwasher.

Covers cracked, unattractive surfaces:  Superior Stone can be installed directly over cracks and problematic, uneven surfaces. Installed with leave-in expansion joints, Superior Stone will move with your concrete substrate to resist future cracking.

Beautiful:  Superior Stone is a natural, high-end look that can be installed seamlessly to fit the custom size of your project.

Easily repaired:  The product's small pebbles feature a "close knit" -- making spot repairs virtually unnoticeable. 

Water-porous:  As a water-porous system, Superior Stone can be installed overtop of drains without interrupting water flow, giving you a seamless installation that hides unsightly drains.


Lanais, pool decks, patios, driveways, entryways, stairs, and pathways.

Tech Details

The pebbles in Superior Stone are 100% natural stone (quarried or river bottom, depending on the color), all excavated in the USA. Both our standard epoxy and our light-stable epoxy are two-part hardener/resin epoxies. 

Click below to download safety data sheets.

Safety Data Sheets -- Standard Epoxy

Safety Data Sheets -- Light-stable Epoxy

Maintenance & Care

Our recommended cleaning is a powerwasher, up to 3,000 psi. With our standard epoxy, your project will need a reseal every two years. With the new light-stable epoxy, your sealing interval extends to at least three years, but likely much longer (the product is testing between four to eight years before a needed sealing). We can do these reseals on your behalf or show you how to do this yourself.

Hard water will leave water marks on everything it comes into contact with:  stucco, cement, windows, painted surfaces, decorative stones, etc. We strongly recommend that your sprinklers be directed away from your Superior Stone surface so that no water sprays on the decorative stone surface. Rain water has no negative effect on Superior Stone. Water stains can be removed with white household vinegar. Wet the surface, mist with straight vinegar, and hose off. Repeat as needed.

Do not wash your car on the surface or use tire shines. Do not use Wet Look, Hi Look, Hi-Gloss, Durasheen, or any other polyurethane, sealants, bonding, agents, waxes, polymers, resins, acrylics, alkyls, varnishes, enamels, harsh cleansers, or adhesives of any kind on your Superior Stone. Do not leave plastic sheeting over your stone and do not empty hot water on the surface.


Superior Stone epoxy rock surfacing is warranted for two years against bond failure and delamination. Warranty can be extended an additional two years with a Superior Stone Clean 'n Seal. Initial warranty is extended to three years with the light-stable epoxy option.


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