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Play Flecks

About Play Flecks


Play Flecks is the most advanced rubberized playground surface available on the market today. As a thermoplastic, Play Flecks is UV-stable -- unlike EPDM. This UV stability greatly increases the life of your surface, as well as its fall-height standards and color. PlayFlecks is your solution to a beautiful play area which will protect both users and property owners for years to come.

Underneath the wear layer, you will find the patented EnviroFluff cushion. Made of recycled polypropelyne, EnviroFluff is avaiable in several thicknesses tested up to nine feet of impact absorbtion. PlayFlecks meets and exceeds all Impact Attenuation Standards set by ASTM for kids' play areas when installed over EnviroFluff. EnviroFluff is so effective in impact absorbtion that it is used as a stand-alone product underneath artificial turf, EPDM, and other sports areas.


Highly durable: Flecks features a strong chemical bond, resulting in high durability, which makes it a favorite choice for even the world's busiest resorts and amusement parks.

Low-maintenance:  Because of its UV stability, Play Flecks is the lowest-maintenance rubberized play surface on the market. Play Flecks does not need routine maintenance or seals -- we call it our "set it and forget it" surface. Cleanings can be done with a powerwasher.

Virtually crack-proof:  As a resilient surface, Flecks can stretch. This greatly reduces risk of cracking.

Beautiful:  Play Flecks is a beautiful look that can be installed seamlessly to fit the custom size of your project. Because it is UV stable, your colors will remain vibrant.

Safe:  Non-slip, impact absorbing, greatly reducing chance of injury. Play Flecks is ADA-compliant.

People-friendly:  Cool-to-the-touch and with a slight "give" underfoot, Flecks is extremely comfortable to walk upon.

Easily repaired:  The product's granule features a "close knit" -- making spot repairs virtually unnoticeable.  



Play Flecks is suited for dry play areas, such as playgrounds. For wet play areas such as splash pads, see Water Flecks.

Tech Details

Play Flecks consists of two layers, a wear layer and a cushion layer. The top wear layer (installed at a 1/2-inch thickness) consists of a polyurethane primer, thermoplastic rubber granular, and two-component aliphatic polyurethane binder. The EnviroFluff cushion layer (installed in thicknesses from 1/2-inch to 4 inches) is made from recycled foam and aromatic binder. Play Flecks can be installed over concrete or crushed stone.

Click below to download tech specs and safety data sheets.


Play Flecks General Specifications

Standard Coefficient of Friction

Play Flecks versus Ethylene Propylene Surfaces

Play Flecks versus Loose Fill

Color & Design

Our colors (see swatches below on this page) can be mixed for custom blends, and we can accommodate a vast array of design and inlay options. If you are unsure of your design/color preferences, we can create concepts in-house for your review. See our Gallery page for inspiration.

Maintenance & Care

Your Play Flecks can be cleaned with a high pressure power washer of 3,000 psi or less. Surface dirt can be removed with a household degreaser such as Simple Green.

The surface is difficult to stain, but oil will stain it. Make sure to thoroughly rinse out any spilled oil. 

Hard water will leave water marks on everything it comes into contact with, including:  stucco, cement, windows, painted surface, and decorative stones. We strongly recommend that your sprinklers be directed away from your surface so that no water sprays on the surface. Rain water has no negative effect on Flecks. Water stains can be removed with white household vinegar. Wet the surface, mist with straight vinegar, and hose off. Repeat as needed.


Play Flecks is warranted for five years against bond failure, cracking, and delamination.

About the Manufacturer

Flecks Systems is manufactured and owned in the USA by WM Polymers.


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