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Flooring System for Garages in South Florida

Hide oil and maintenance stains, as well as concrete cracks, with a renovated garage floor. If it is the space which first greets you when you come home, or the space you devote to your hobbies, we can make it a space you love to be in. Our recommended garage product is an epoxy flake floor.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake is a heavy-duty, attractive, durable flooring system perfect for areas with automobile traffic or vehicle maintenance. It is made with a base epoxy layer and broadcast vinyl flakes which give the surface a beautiful texture and durability. It is then sealed with a final clear epoxy layer. Epoxy flake flooring is resistant to stains from oil/grease, and is easy to clean. Different textures can be added to the final epoxy layer to give it a nonslip finish for certain commercial projects, but the standard finish has slight texture, which provides enough traction for home installations and most commercial projects. Epoxy flake is an economical choice with a long lifespan and long-term durability.
Recommended Products for Garages
Epoxy Flake



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