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Are you planning to build a hotel or vacation property? Or, do you already have a building that you need to spruce up? A beautiful and comfortable pool area is one of the most important amenities you can offer your guests, especially during warm tourist-season months. Aside from the pool itself, it’s also wise to improve the look of the poolside and deck. Even a standard, “nothing special” pool can be transformed by attractive decking. Below are some ideas for upgrading your outdoor space:


  • Consider Branding and Inlays

    Most pool decks don’t have visible branding simply because most surface options don’t look great for logos. This is not the case for poured-in-place surface options like Superior Stone and Deck Flecks. These thick overlays do not have tile edges, grout, or sand lines to interrupt the look of your logo. You can have an inlaid logo placed right into the seamless surface that, unlike paint, won’t rub off with wear. You can take advantage of your guests’ Instagram posts by the poolside and have your logo visible in their pictures. If you don’t want your logo but want another type of design, different surface colors can be inlaid to highlight pathways, create borders around pools, or designate a seating area.

  • Create a Splash Pad

    A splash pad (also called “sprayground”) is an option increasing in popularity for young families, as they are lower-risk and more fun than wading pools. Rubberized surfacing reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries, but make sure to choose a surface type that can withstand chlorinated water like Tuff Coat, Water Flecks, or Life Floor. These surfaces can be installed with custom designs and interesting colors and can be coupled with unique waterplay features. (link this to the other October article)

  • Add Some Greenery

    The right choice of plants catered to your environment can be low-maintenance and highly impactful. Potted plants are easily moved around and can quickly add a pop of color to your deck. Make sure to place them on a plate or elevate them slightly—never set plants directly on your pool deck, as the runoff from organic material will stain your surface.

  • Consider an Infinity Pool

    An infinity pool is where the water flows over at least one edge of the pool, making it look as if the water has no clear end. The look is even more impactful when placed next to another body of water, so that the pool will look like it blends in with the canal, lake, or ocean behind it. Infinity pools create an instant look of luxury.

  • Start Glowing

    “Glow-in-the-dark” doesn’t necessarily mean “will remind you of your fifth-grade skeleton Halloween costume.” Glow aggregates can be added to poured-in-place surfaces and will create the look of custom poolside lighting at a fraction of the cost. Improvements to light-retention technology mean that the glow will last for many hours and be a stunning, surprising feature to enchant your guests as the evening progresses. A particularly good look is adding the glow feature to a narrow border of the pool and hot tub.

With these ideas, you can certainly make your vacation property more attractive to tenants and tourists.


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