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Ways to Create a Child-Friendly Play Area

Are you a residential area developer? Are you looking forward to creating a safe space for your residents’ children to play? If you are, it would be great to partner with other providers of real estate development services to ensure a well-planned village. Specifically, you can collaborate with an expert in concrete resurfacing in Cape Coral, Florida to develop a child-friendly outdoor area. Here are some inspirational design ideas for your upcoming children’s play area:

  • Active Play

    Create a safe space where children can actively play. You can allocate an area for playing pogo sticks, scooter boarding, sliding, nest swinging, and balancing pods. You can install artificial grass for the area to make it safe for children. Or better yet, avail of rubberized surfacing in Florida to make the area slip-proof, reducing the risk of accidents.

  • Paved Quiet Area

    Surely, there are children who prefer quiet walks amid trees. As much as you’d like to accommodate the playfulness of kids, it’s also great to give them a space to spend some quiet time alone. Allocate an area where you can grow trees and flowering plants. And make sure to avail of concrete coatings in Florida to make the area slip-proof and safe for kids.

  • Water Park with Rubberized Walkways

    Children would also love to play with water. So it’s also good to have swimming pools, fountains, and other water features for the outdoor area. Just avail of pool deck surfacing in Florida to keep the walkways of the water park safe.

With these inspirational tips for the kids’ area, you’ll surely be able to give children a safe and awesome place to play. Don’t worry about the walkways! You can rely on Superior Surfacing LLC for that, specifically the concrete and rubberized coatings. Just contact or visit the office to ask for a quote for the project.


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