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Ways to Transform Your Building’s Exterior Into a Park

The facade of the building plays a huge role in its market value. Commercial properties with fascinating exteriors also tend to attract more clients than those with boring outdoor areas. If you’re now thinking about transforming your property’s outdoor area into a park, these insights might help:

  • Consider improving the lānai

    Lanai renovation is an apt project for commercial areas. This type of open-sided, roofed porch gives your tenants a perfect place to relax. Just contact a provider of concrete resurfacing in Cape Coral, Florida, Alabama or in Georgia to help you with the renovation.

  • Have a pool and other water features

    A swimming area right outside your commercial property might just be what you need to attract the kind of tenants you want. Equip it with a pool cover to keep the water clean. Improve the concrete around the pool by availing of concrete coatings in Florida.

  • Add in some commercial playground equipment

    Think about the possibility of having tenants with children. To accommodate their needs, it would make sense to set up playground equipment. You may have this a couple of yards away from the pool area. And for safety purposes, contact a provider of deck pool deck surfacing in Florida, Caribbean islands, and South Carolina to make the area kid-friendly.

  • Have the right outdoor furniture pieces

    Make your outdoor park party-ready by having the right outdoor furniture pieces. The best ones to have are chaise lounges, pool loungers, dining set, and sofa. But before you set these pieces up, consider if you might need concrete repair to improve the flooring. Contact a provider of rubberized surfacing in Florida to make the floor slip-proof.

Improving your commercial property’s facade is a great way to attract clients and increase the property’s market value. All you need to do is partner with experts, such as Superior Surfacing LLC for concrete surfacing, to get this task done right.


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